Holland, PA Asbestos Removal Services

Holland, PA Asbestos Removal Company

The community of Holland is situated at the junction of Ironworks and Mill Creek. The area was originally known as Rocksville due to the rocky banks of Mill Creek. When the post office was made in the area in n1870, the name of the area was changed to Holland due to a large amount of Dutch settlers in the area. Holland is a bedroom community, with many of its residents commuting out of Holand for work. The community of Holland is located in Northampton Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. EJS Environmental trains its team of professionals to use proper safety gear and equipment while keeping our clients protected during the removal and encapsulation process at their Holland home. We can handle claims with insurance companies when applicable.

Holland, PA Asbestos Removal Company
Asbestos Removal Contractor in Holland, PA

Asbestos Removal Contractor in Holland

EJS Environmental, an asbestos removal company operating around the Holland area, is here to provide asbestos removal services to the entire Holland, PA area. Many times asbestos becomes airborne when disturbed. The medical effects show up a few decades later. We are federally licensed and certified to abate asbestos. Our team of expert asbestos removal contractors will not only keep the area safe during the abatement process but will also keep the area environmentally friendly for those who visit your Holland area home or building during the abatement process. It can be found in thousands of buildings including insulation, cement, plaster, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, plaster, and so much more. Asbestos is serious, so if you have an asbestos issue in Holland, call today!