EJS Environmental Services

Most People are now aware that exposure to asbestos and lead in our living or work environment has been linked to serious health problems and that these materials were extensively used in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings just two decades ago. A great number of these buildings are still in use today. asbestos was used in floor and ceiling tile, roofing shingles, insulation,and as many as 3,000 other components. lead based paint coated wall and window casings and lead piping carried drinking water.Asbestos can cause respiratory problems up to and including lung cancer. Lead poisoning, by inhalation or ingestion, begins to manifest in gastrointestinal problems and can result in mental retardation in children and damage to the central nervous system, coma, and death in both adults and children.

EJS Environmental Services, serving the Main Line and surrounding five counties, phone (484) 378-2453, is a lead and asbestos abatement specialist. The residential specialists are available to inspect and remove these dangerous substances from single and multi- family dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and industrial complexes and properly dispose of them. using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, EJS environmental Services’ trained team of professionals offer emergency response service and they are fully licensed , bonded and insure. The techniques used by this firm are in compliance with all EPA and OSHA regulations they also provide radon and water testing and assessments.
If you are concerned about a hazard in your home or facility, contact EJS Environmental services for a consultation and cost estimate.